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depth image imread

asked 2016-02-13 03:01:54 -0600

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Hello at all! I'm writing because I have read the function imread but I don't understand what means the flag CV_LOAD_IMAGE_ANYDEPTH; could anyone tell me what is the depth of image? And what means ' If the flag is set, return 16-bit/32-bit image when the input has the corresponding depth' ? thanks you soo much for help

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answered 2016-02-14 03:08:35 -0600

updated 2016-02-14 06:21:21 -0600

this post is useful for understanding depth.

AFAIK you need IMREAD_ANYDEPTH flag of imread() when loading GDAL images.

for more information see Reading Geospatial Raster files with GDAL

EDIT: here you can find more information ( thanks for downvoter! leads me to learn.)

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