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Is ICR (Intelligent character Recognition ) is possible using opencv 2.*

asked 2016-01-11 03:42:59 -0500

Hi, i am trying to create ICR but i am not sure whether opencv 2.4.* versions will support those features. if any suggestions about icr using opencv please let me know. thankyou

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answered 2016-01-13 12:44:05 -0500

Hi Santhosh,

OpenCV 2.4 has some machine learning facilities that might support ICR, but in my experience, it's a bit limited. Getting good results from an ICR system is likely to require a fairly sophisticated neural net (a good choice might be a deep convolutional neural net trained on a very large training set) and ideally, you'd want to leverage higher-level constructs like words or even sentences using something like a Hidden Markov Model for example to compensate for the inevitable error/loss inherent in any neural net tasked with such a complex problem.

I would recommend looking into other machine learning libraries, and use OpenCV for the more basic image processing. I'm currently using Google's recently released TensorFlow API, but that's currently limited to Linux support, and the full API is only supported in Python, so you may want to research the various alternatives before making a decision.

Hope that helps.

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