Where's calcOpticalFlowSF in OpenCV 3.1 (Windows)?

asked 2015-12-30 19:05:09 -0600

Hi, I just downloaded OpenCV 3.1 for Windows, and I'm trying to use calcOpticalFlowSF(...) but I can't find that function anywhere. I searched in every .hpp and I couldn't find it (grep -r "calcOpticalFlowSF" /c/opencv/build/include/* returns nothing)! According to the documentation that function is supposed to exist. Right?

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yes, it's in the contrib repo , optflow module.

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2015-12-30 21:33:57 -0600 )edit

I've found as #include "opencv2/optflow.hpp"

nathangq gravatar imagenathangq ( 2016-09-01 08:20:46 -0600 )edit