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Can't setup NDK for Eclipse+OpenCV4Android

asked 2013-02-22 01:59:37 -0500

NightLife gravatar image

updated 2013-02-22 07:12:30 -0500

Andrey Pavlenko gravatar image

Hi friends,

I have a big problem with installing NDK and openCV in linux for my Eclipse+Android SDK and also the home page of andrroid NDK is so unclear for me. can somebody help me please?!!!!

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You know, I have a problem with NDK, I can not install int and also in these tutorials suppose that a user installed it!!!! I have downloaded it but installing is so unclear.

Please help me!!!!

NightLife gravatar imageNightLife ( 2013-02-22 03:16:01 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-02-22 05:13:08 -0500

rics gravatar image

updated 2013-02-22 05:14:05 -0500

To configure the NDK I used the general Android NDK documentation. I downloaded it from here. Then I have done the following:

sudo mv android-ndk-r8d /usr/local

On Eclipse side (without OpenCV): importing ndk/samples/hello-jni into workspace. Run does not work because the jni compilation has not been performed.

cd /usr/local/android-ndk-r8d/samples/hello-jni

It creates the libs/armeabi/ After that it was working on my tablet and in the emulator as well.

To make an OpenCV native project (tutorial-3-native) work I have set NDKROOT (export NDKROOT=/usr/local/android-ndk-r8d/) and deleted .cmd as extension from ndk-build in the configuration panel.

The whole building process can be performed from eclipse and the project was workin on the tablet.

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