Open CV ios , how to track head movement and assign it a 3d object glasses?

asked 2015-12-02 09:49:04 -0500

cridev gravatar image

I'm trying to plan the work for a future project. I need to reproduce something like a virtual mirror for some 3d eyeglasses object, something like :

I don't want that someone write the code for me but it's complex project,can someone show me the right direction? Maybe i will use openCV to track the head movement , but how i can link (to replicate head rotation) my 3d glasses models to my head in AVFoundation camera?

I have found this library to manage the 3d mesh (i don't know if i can achive the same result with only openCV)

The app flow maybe will be OpenCV detect face-> Nineveh load the mesh -> I made "some sort of synchronization"-> the mesh is attached to the opencv detected face. If this flow is possible, how i can do to made the "some sort of synchronization" ?

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