OpenCV stops working well.

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I had installed opencv me and everything worked fine until a few days ago. The problem I have is that there are things in opencv that work well and others not. I'm trying to explain with an example.

if I do with python:

import cv2
img_01 = cv2.imread ('Webcam_panel.png', 0)

All goes well.

but if I do such a simple script like (this script worked well before, it should not have any errors):

import cv2

img_01 = cv2.imread ('Webcam_panel.png', 0)

print img_01.shape

for c in range (20):
    adapt_g = cv2.adaptiveThreshold (img_01, 255, cv2.ADAPTIVE_THRESH_GAUSSIAN_C, \
                                    cv2.THRESH_BINARY_INV, 11, c)
    c print
    fn = 'adapt_g_' + '{: 02d}'. format (c) + '.png'
    cv2.imwrite (fn, adapt_g)

Does not work and is thought for a long time .. (not show any error) And this happens with other scripts that I had and now this scripts doesn't work.

I reinstalled opencv and has not fixed the error. (But not uninstall the previous opencv because I dont know how I have to do it with ubuntu)

I'm working with ubuntu 14.04 + 2.7 + opencv python 3.0.0

Any idea to solve the problem?

Sorry for my poor english.

Thank You in Advance!

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What exactly do you mean with 'does not work'? How did you reinstalled opencv?

boaz001 gravatar imageboaz001 ( 2015-11-25 09:15:30 -0500 )edit

Thank you very much for your interest boaz001

I want to say that it's like a loop. It never ends. It remains frozen. Another example, the next script never ends. The image is not generated.

import numpy as np

import cv2

import Image, ImageTk

img1 = cv2.imread('Webcam.png')

img2 = cv2.imread('Webcam2.png')



mascara_arr = Image.fromarray(difference)'difference.png')

I want to stress that the script worked well, before.

For the installation I follow this: and everything seemed right.

engivi gravatar imageengivi ( 2015-11-25 13:26:43 -0500 )edit