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Raspberry Pi with OpenCV - Use Raspbian or Ubuntu ?

asked 2015-11-10 01:52:42 -0500

Peder gravatar image

Hi all

I have just bought a Raspberry Pi 2 and a RasPiCam, because I want to play with OpenCV and face recognition and License Plate Recognition and start programming python.

I can see that there are lot of examples on websites and on youtube, but some has install Raspbian and some has install Ubuntu on there Raspberry Pi. Are there any benefits to using one or the other operating system or it makes no difference to me ???

Best Regards Peder

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answered 2015-12-30 08:07:33 -0500

I have a BananaPi and I installed Lubuntu on it from

You can use Python and Java very clean on Lubuntu. I tried some sorting algorithms with Java on it. So, i prefer ubuntu based distributions because of its strong community support also.

And you may lookup SimpleCV also as an alternative if you want to go with Python especially.

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