Coordinate axis with triangulatePoints

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So, I have the projection matrix of the left camera:

image description

and the projection matrix of my right camera:

image description

And when I perform triangulatePoints on the two vectors of corresponding points, I get the collection of points in 3D space. All of the points in 3D space have a negative Z coordinate. I assume that the initial orientation of each camera is directed in the positive Z axis direction.

My assumption was that OpenCV uses Right Hand coordinate system like this:

image description image description

So, when I positioned my cameras with projection matrices, the complete picture would look like this:

image description

But my experiment leads me to believe that OpenCV uses Left Hand coordinate system:

image description

And that my projection matrices have effectively messed up the left and right concept:

image description

Is everything I've said correct? Is the latter coordinate system really the one that is used by OpenCV?

If I assume that it is, everything seems to work fine. But when I want to visualize things using viz module, their WCoordinateSystem widget is right handed.

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Is the question unclear in some way? I would consider this to be basic stuff... I just cannot find a definite answer.

Specifically, when I use triangulatePoints to get 3D point coordinates. And immediately after that I pass these 3D point coordinates to solvePnP. What I expect to get is a camera pose around zero 3D coordinate and zero rotation.

Instead I get some wild values, indicating that my camera moved about 5 meters in some random direction.

acajic gravatar imageacajic ( 2015-09-30 11:32:12 -0500 )edit