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Has createBackgroundSubtractorMOG been removed?

asked 2015-09-25 02:01:35 -0500

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updated 2015-09-25 03:31:28 -0500


I did the openCV Background Subtraction tutorial, which is described here.

First the complete source code is listed, in which createBackgroundSubtractorMOG is not used. But in the Explanation part it is described.

That's obviously an error, but it didn`t take me long to figure it out. Hower now I want to use createBackgroundSubtractorMOG instead of createBackgroundSubtractorMOG2, but it seems that this method has been complitly removed.

Does somybody know if this is true and if it is, why the method has been removed?

PS: I am using opencv 3.0.0

Thanks and Greets



I had some errors building opencv_contrib. However I just wanted to try BackgroundSubtractorMOG. So I just copied the .cpp and header files in my Project and builded it again, which worked fine.

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answered 2015-09-25 02:06:32 -0500

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updated 2015-09-25 02:06:59 -0500

BackgroundSubtractorMOG was moved to contrib

please see readme there, on how to add it to your opencv libs, rebuild, and then:

  #include "opencv2/bgsegm.hpp"

  Ptr<bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorMOG> mog = bgsegm::createBackgroundSubtractorMOG();
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Thank you!

RVQ gravatar imageRVQ ( 2015-09-25 02:30:07 -0500 )edit

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