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How to Extract track information with OpenCV?

asked 2015-09-06 21:08:38 -0500

Robot_Lee gravatar image

image description image description Hi,I just need your help. We're preparing for Robocon 2016. according to the rules,our automatic robot need to move down the white line(It is about 3cm in width) We have thresholded the image. Next ,I want to extract the "middle line" to control our robot. So,How to extract it? Some people scan image row by row,find the left edge and right edge.add and divide them by 2. However,It isn't wise when the line is horizontal. How should I do ?Is there some good functions to extract "middle line" and save it in array or other container?

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You can check the answer here How do I detect the centerline of an object might be helpful.

Haris gravatar imageHaris ( 2015-09-06 23:03:50 -0500 )edit

Thank you !It's very efficent!

Robot_Lee gravatar imageRobot_Lee ( 2015-09-08 08:45:45 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-09-09 00:17:03 -0500

Haris gravatar image

Glad to know it helped you :).

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