Detect and frame an object in the real world over glasses

asked 2015-09-04 12:50:24 -0600


I'm not sure it's the right place for this question.

I use the epson bt200 Moverio glasses. I detect an object with the camera and draw a green rect around it. I can display this camera stream with the green rect on the screen : so same image for the 2 eyes. It's ok but I want more.

It's possible to fill the screen in black and see the real world over the screen of the glasses. So I would like to enable the 3d stereo and draw the green rect of the object found by the camera on the screen for each eyes : so this object should be framed with the green rect in the real object over the glasses.

I have some knowledged in mathematic however not enough...

So, my question is : do you think it's feasible ? And if yes, how do this ? Any Clues to help me please ?

Thank you very much !

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