Lectura de Texto con OpenCV y C++

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hello, I could help, I am new to "terrseract-OCR" I need to create a software to detect and read the license plates of cars. I am implementing the OCR with a project in OpenCV and C ++ but when I try to read the text of the plates car I can not make me read this correctly, and tried with language packs "eng" and "spa" on occasion I read all the text and at other times I ignored the text. I could advise on an algorithm for leectura plate cars with OpenCV and C++

after reading I pretengo opencv enter this code to link to a video reading. but I need help in an algorithm that reads correctly car plates

   #include <opencv\cv.h>
   #include <baseapi.h>
   #include <leptonica\allheaders.h>

   using namespace cv;
   using namespace tesseract;

    int main()
char *outText;

TessBaseAPI *api = new TessBaseAPI();

// Inicializar tesseract para el lenguaje español
if (api->Init(NULL, "spa")) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Error al inicializar.\n");
// Abrir la imagen leptonica library
Pix *image = pixRead("C:\\Sin título.png");

// Obtener el texto de la imagen
outText = api->GetUTF8Text();
printf("Texto leido: %s", outText);

// Liberar memoria
//delete[] outText;
return 0;
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LBerger gravatar imageLBerger ( 2015-08-27 21:27:43 -0500 )edit