Access numpy array in openCV [closed]

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Using the documentation here, in section 4.4 the code is:

> import time import picamera import
> picamera.array import cv2
> with picamera.PiCamera() as camera:
>     camera.start_preview()
>     time.sleep(2)
>     with picamera.array.PiRGBArray(camera) as
> stream:
>         camera.capture(stream, format='bgr')
>         # At this point the image is available as stream.array
>         image = stream.array

As i understand it, this returns a numpy array to be read in openCV correct? My question is, how do I then open/access it to perform image processing on it in openCV?

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AFAIK, OpenCV python wrapper actually works with NumPy arrays. For example: So, probably, no conversion is needed.

mshabunin gravatar imagemshabunin ( 2015-08-06 09:38:57 -0500 )edit