OpenCV Object Tracker Test Bed to Help Beginners Get Started

asked 2015-07-31 22:27:54 -0500

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I've implemented an OpenCV tracker Test bed to help beginners get started. The test bed is located at:

The test bed is an open source console application that allows users to develop and test their own computer vision trackers. The application allows the user to predefine any number of video input files and select them in-turn real-time to test tracker operation. The test bed also allows for the user to implement tracker debug and command modes to assist with development and debugging. The test bed implementation was targeted towards the user who is new to OpenCV, but has at least two semesters of college C++ programming experience.

The following commands are available by pressing the appropriate key in the video source window:

Command Menu - Press key in video window for test bed command action: 'esc' - Quit program 'd' - Enable/disable debugger(tracker enabled) 's' - Switch video source by cycling through source input 't' - Enable/disable tracker 'p' - Pause and unpause video 'm' - Menu listing

Any constructive input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Best of Luck, vjm68

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