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How to maintain two different Open cv versions in Python under two different namespaces

asked 2015-07-21 16:47:30 -0500

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I am interested in maintaining 2 different Open-cv versions 2.4.x and 3.0.0 under two different namespaces in Python-2.7.x. Is that even possible? If so, could someone please provide some hints?

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answered 2019-05-16 11:58:13 -0500

If you want to use different applications I recommend you to use pyvenv or virtualenv wrapper. Then you can have each version in a different virtual environment.

See more for venv ins

And there are a lot of tutorials on how using it. It's quite simple and let your python libraries more organized.

However if you talking about building from source two opencv versions, then I don't know how to do either, I think both version will conflict on calling its funcitons that share the same name. I have tried to build one version from source and changing all namespaces and funtion name but it took me a lot of time and no success.

Let me know if you have found some solution.

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