setSize dimensions assert in super resolution example

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Any help is greatly appreciated !!

When I set the temporalAreaRadius to 1, I would expect to only need 2 input frames. When I only provide 2 frames for the frameSource, the assert in matrix.cpp (line 267 version 3.0.0) in setSize is triggered. The dimension is invalid. When accessing the dimension of the third element (which does not exist), it gives a random value 3921.

When I fill my frameSource until it contains 5 elements, this error disappears. I think it is because the frameSource calls nextFrame too much: when trying to open the Mat, it isn't there and the assertion is called.

Am I right about what is causing this assert error? How can I make sure to use only the input I want to use?

Has this got anything to do with the fact that the default value for temporalAreaRadius is 4, even though I set the parameter to be equal to 1 ?

edit: when I set temporalAreaRadius equal to 2, I need 7 input frames! This does not make sense to me. edit 2: it seems that when 5 input frames are required, they are all used. The assert for temporalAreaRadius is that it has to be >=1, so it looks like its possible to do super resolution with only 2 input frames.

Thanks in advance!

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