Opencv normalize casts small values to zero

asked 2015-07-09 03:00:10 -0500

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I give double vectors with following example values; (don't think about "Blas1")

Blas1 2.92631e-18 
Blas1 3.98388e-20 
Blas1 9.31403e-19 
Blas1 6.41224e-19 
Blas1 8.68721e-24 
Blas1 1.07387e-21 
Blas1 5.82306e-21 
Blas1 2.36567e-18 
Blas1 5.5498e-19 
Blas1 2.93748e-19 
Blas1 2.54335e-18 
Blas1 1.92756e-23 
Blas1 5.49794e-20 
Blas1 4.14459e-20 
Blas1 8.69651e-20 
Blas1 2.97606e-21 
Blas1 2.81848e-23 
Blas1 2.37574e-21 
Blas1 2.49897e-19 
Blas1 3.69965e-20 
Blas1 8.56015e-20 
Blas1 7.00554e-20 
Blas1 2.38473e-18 
Blas1 1.19531e-24 
Blas1 4.78057e-19 
Blas1 3.69334e-20 
Blas1 5.75832e-20 
Blas1 1.46834e-21 
Blas1 1.33062e-19 
Blas1 1.41787e-19 
Blas1 5.04448e-20 
Blas1 1.94257e-18 
Blas1 2.97708e-19 
Blas1 6.41224e-19 
Blas1 1.16371e-23 
Blas1 3.79272e-20 
Blas1 4.31626e-23 
Blas1 3.14873e-18 
Blas1 3.23783e-23 
Blas1 8.00364e-26 
Blas1 1.08844e-19 
Blas1 9.714e-18 
Blas1 4.06371e-20 
Blas1 1.866e-19 
Blas1 5.05251e-25 
Blas1 2.39448e-21 
Blas1 9.57913e-19 
Blas1 4.84601e-22

However, after the normalization step they are all casted to 0. All of the values are kept as double. Is it a bug or impossible expectation to process such small numbers?

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"(don't think about "Blas1")" - yea, ok. still, a small, reproducable testcase would be nice (instead of this list)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2015-07-09 03:05:52 -0500 )edit