Opencv4android question -- Readind frames by frames from a existing video

asked 2015-07-03 01:54:49 -0500

lulalehaha gravatar image

Hello dear developers,
I am very fresh in this area. I have two years experience developing C++ based opencv programs, and half a year developing normal and simple android app. But i just start up for learn about opencv for android. Here is my question. I have already traced the sample code to learn how to use opencv camera and simple image processing. But as i know, in the early version , opencv for android didn't support "Videocapture" as C++ based opencv library did. And I just found the opencv java api for videocapture. But the open() function in class Videocapture doesn't request the parameter of filename like C++ based opencv library, and the constructor of it either. The information on the internet is very poor. Is anyone can teach me how to read the image frame by frame from a existing video frame?? Or, where i can get help? Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!

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