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asked 2013-01-26 14:08:48 -0600

ethanjyx gravatar image

What's the meaning of these two keywords?

An example:

struct CV_EXPORTS_W HOGDescriptor { public: enum { L2Hys=0 }; enum { DEFAULT_NLEVELS=64 };

CV_WRAP HOGDescriptor() : winSize(64,128), blockSize(16,16), blockStride(8,8),
    cellSize(8,8), nbins(9), derivAperture(1), winSigma(-1),
    histogramNormType(HOGDescriptor::L2Hys), L2HysThreshold(0.2), gammaCorrection(true),
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answered 2013-01-26 15:03:25 -0600

AlexanderShishkov gravatar image

updated 2013-01-26 15:09:40 -0600

CV_EXPORTS_W is defined in modules/core/include/opencv2/core/types_c.h as alias for CV_EXPORTS, CV_EXPORTS is defined as:

#if (defined WIN32 || defined _WIN32 || defined WINCE) && defined CVAPI_EXPORTS
# define CV_EXPORTS __declspec(dllexport)
# define CV_EXPORTS

So it's alias for __declspec(dllexport) on Windows platform where CVAPI_EXPORTS is defined, otherwise it's empty.

CV_WARP is used as flag for scripts to create wrappers of the function or method. It is used for creation Python or Java wrappers.

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