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What are the main references to the fish-eye camera model in OpenCV3.0.0dev?

asked 2015-06-28 03:15:09 -0500

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Hi Guys,

I am wrestling with the Fish-Eye Camera Model used in OpenCV I have read the documentation in this link several times, especially the "Detailed Description" part and formulas modelling fish-eye distortion. By now I have two concerns:

  1. Based on the projection models listed here and their conceptual explanations in "Accuracy of Fish-Eye Lens Model" By Hughes, I can't figure out which projection model has been used in OpenCV implementation.

  2. Since the description is so concise, I need to know the main reference papers used by OpenCV developers for implementing fish-eye namespace, so that I could be on the ball and get through more details.

P.S. I checked OpenCV 3.0.0-dev Documentation and did not find anything useful.

Thanks everyone for your help,

Kind Regards,


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answered 2015-07-01 06:23:30 -0500

It's just a port of the fisheye model from this Matlab-Toolbox. The second entry on this site refers to the paper with the generic projection model from Kannala-Brandt. The Toolbox and OpenCV are using the equidistance projection model, because it can model panorama cameras with an viewfield up to 360° (fisheye, omnidirectional cameras). The Matlab-Toolbox from the Authors can be found here.

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