reprojection error

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Hi, I'm working about a project for my thesis. I have to calibrate my camera to import intrinsic parameters in photoscan fo reconstructon 3D of the object which measures maximum 0,7 x 0,7 mm. I calibrate the camera with openCv, photographing a symmetric pattern glass with circle grid (0,5 is the diameter of each circle) or an asymmetric circles grid (13x4 circles diameter=1mm). I do 24 photos, 8 for each kind of inclination ( horizontal vertical and oblique)

1)I would know how can I evaluate the calibration? I know that Reprojection Errors isn't an absolute evaluation, can I compare cx and cy with the real center of the image? Can I evaluate the values of distorsion parameters?(How?)

2) Is better fixing the principal point? or fixing something else?

Any other suggestion is welcome

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