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I have a problem with opencv 3: I want to use a feature detector, SimpleBlobDetector, about to use filters by convexity and circularity. But when I try to execute the code, the following error is tracked:

The function/feature is not implemented () in detectAndCompute Then the application crashes.

I searched for informations in the internet without any relevant answer. I think the 3rd version of Opencv could be responsible for this bug, because I know I use the detector the good way (I tried exactly like the official opencv tutorial) and I noticed than the SimpleBlobDector has been modified for the third version.

Using breakpoint, I know that the following line crashes:

detector.detect(gray, keypoints); The SimpleBlobDetector has been created (using the create function) and configured, the gray image isn't empty and the keypoints vector does not need to be filled before the detection.

I use opencv 3.0.0, compiled in MinGW with QtCreator. The opencv treatment is not launched from the main thread.

Did anybody else have the same problem? I would be gratefull if I could have a patch or another solution using another class. I really need to use convexity to filter my blobs and the other detectors I found (FeatureDetector or Brisk) cannot be configurable and only return keypoints, which doesn't have the area or fullness parameters to calculate convexity.

Thanks in advance

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SimpleBlobDetector is a KeyPoint detector only (if at all). it can't compute any features.

you can only use the detect method, not detectAndCompute()

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2015-06-03 09:31:35 -0600 )edit