opencv_createsamples on Windows continues to run without any output

asked 2015-05-19 05:09:32 -0500

Suyog Joshi gravatar image

I am running opencv_createsamples on Windows machine. I do not get any error but the utility continues to run without giving any output. I have positive marked up images which I am passing to the command in a form of a file marker.dat

Following is the command I am using opencv_createsamples -info "C:\Python27\marker.dat" -vec "C:\Python27\op.vec" -show -w 24 -h 24

The contents of the market.dat are as follows:

lines1.jpg 1 56 111 621 55

lines2.jpg 1 2184 186 603 79

I do not get any error. The program says "Create training samples from images collections" but nothing happens after that. It continues to remain in the same state forever.

Am I missing anything here? I tried to do lot of search on google but could not find any resolution. Your help will be appreciated.

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