unsupported ICC configuration

asked 2015-05-12 05:22:21 -0600

Hi, I am trying to build OpenCV using icc (ICC) 13.1.3 20130607. I have no problem with CUDA=OFF option, build is successful, but with CUDA=ON I am not able to build OpenCV. I am receiving message #error -- unsupported ICC configuration! Only ICC 12.1 on Linux x86_64 is supported!

I have tried both CUDA 5.5.22 and 6.5.14. Latest CUDA is complaining similar message with different ICC version.

What is the best way to compile OpenCV with CUDA support?

Best Regards

Lumir Jasiok

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Without diving into the root cause or the reason, the error message states it quite clearly only ICC 12.1 is supported.

boaz001 gravatar imageboaz001 ( 2015-05-12 07:12:09 -0600 )edit