PrimeSense install issue

asked 2015-05-05 06:14:30 -0500

Hi everyone,

I'm a student who needs to work with a Kinect to detect objects, therefore I currently am installing every component needed to do so.

I'm following the OpenCV guide, so I started by git-cloning the OpenCV library, then I ran ccmake to configure the options and when I tried to set OpenNI to ON, it asked me to install the PrimeSense component.

That's where the problem start, because I went there, i git cloned the link in my OpenCV folder, then I followed the instructions for Linux users (installing g++, python,...) but it fails when I come to building the sensor. When I run the script "RedistMaker" in the Platform/Linux/CreateRedist directory, there's a lot of things happening, but the directory "Platform/Linux/Redist" isn't created, so I can't end this part. Moreover, I tried to go in the Build directory and run the make command, but I get 2 errors as shown below : image description and so I have no more solutions to install this.

Any clues to help me installing PrimeSense ? Thanks a lot !

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