OpenCV JavaCamera view is not working on Android x86 emulator

asked 2015-04-08 18:24:28 -0500

VJ gravatar image


I am trying to run Sample OpenCV ImageManipulation application using Visual Studio on Android Emulator. While I can get the app running on ARM Based emulators and devices, the app does not give any camera feed on x86 emulators. I tried on both x86 and x64 emulators in Android SDK for API level 21. I also tried the default emulator provided by Visual Studio.

While I installed two packages on ARM emulators (OpenCV_2.4.11_binary_pack_armv7a.apk) and (OpenCV_2.4.11_Manager_2.20_armv7a-neon.apk) I only have 1 package for x86 in Android 2.4.11 sdk (OpenCV_2.4.11_Manager_2.20_x86.apk). Am I missing the Binary pack for x86 emulator ? While the app runs fine with the UI controls that I have added, there is no camera feed. I am using Java Camera and have included the right attributes in AndroidManifest.xml

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