using OpenCv 3.0 with OpenCl 1.1 devices

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I want to use the new OpenCV 3.0 TAPI on a device that has OpenCL 1.1 capability. As far as I know, OpenCV is written on top of OpenCL 1.2.

  1. Can I use the TAPI with device that are compatible with OpenCL 1.1?
  2. Do I need to write my program in a specific way?
  3. Is there any sample code that I can use to see the performance gain(if any)? When I run my code, I want to see that it runs on GPU and as far as I know, the only to check it is to check the speed gain.
  4. Is there any support for an application to run on entirely on GPU?
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I'm currently working with an Android device. It uses OpenCL 1.1 and it seems to work. But it seems only partially. The new OpenCL - tutorial works and is quiet fast! For writing the Code you can see this here. Example Code (T-Api, CPP and pure ocl) here

beniroquai gravatar imagebeniroquai ( 2015-11-08 15:57:03 -0500 )edit