Is there plan to extend medianBlur method to kernel sizes which are rectangular-shaped, i.e. not just square-shaped?

asked 2015-04-03 19:54:28 -0600

rwong gravatar image

The current API for median filter is

void medianBlur(InputArray src, OutputArray dst, int ksize)

which forces the filter size to be square-shaped. However, in document image processing, it is commonly necessary to perform median filter with a elongated rectangle (with the longer dimension aligned with text direction), so the current API function won't be useful.

Is there any plan to extend the medianBlur method to support non-square-shaped kernel sizes?

Also, the algorithm which forms the basis of that implementation is capable of performing ordinal filtering as well. (Ordinal filtering means selecting the K-th sorted value from each sliding window. Median filtering is a special case of ordinal filtering with K being the median index in the area of the sliding window.) Is there plan to make that feature available on the API as well?

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