Eclipse CDT Documentation & could not be resolved error

asked 2015-03-15 01:51:09 -0600

Miguel Lorenzo gravatar image

Hello, I just switched from Code::Blocks to Eclipse for OpenCV development. To check if I set up the environment properly, I ran a test program:


As you can see, the code compiles fine and correctly transposes a Mat object. It also displays my webcam feed appropiately until 'q' is pressed.

However, in the source code, when I hover at VideoCapture, I get the message: Type 'VideoCapture' could not be resolved. And over imshow I get: Invalid arguments ' Candidates are: void imshow(const ? &, ?) '

And if I hover above either Mat or Mat_ I get the very nice documentation of those classes, which is extremely helpful. How do I make this documentation show up for the error-marked class and method? In fact, how is this documentation called, and why is it not in Code::Blocks?


Why do these errors show, but the program compiles perfectly? I apologize if these are noobish questions but the sooner I understand them the best.

My project configuration is as following:

Compiler Linker

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