code for neuro-fuzzy logic for edge detection

asked 2013-01-05 12:24:42 -0600

neha gravatar image

i want the matlab code for neuro-fuzzy logic for edge detection. i have studied the matlab gui and anfis but not able to understand it much. i want to know how we calculate the output of each layer from command line. like for layer 2 in neuro-fuzzy,the output is the product of all the incoming signals from layer 1 is- • O2,i = wi = μAi(x) · μBi(y), i = 1, 2 • Each node represents the fire strength of the rule so how to calculate these values in matlab.?

how to calculate μAi(x) etc for layer 1.

everywhere i am just getting the theory and not even one line of code.

please help me its urgent for my dissertation..please .....

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