USB 3 Camera read incorrectly via OpenCV

asked 2015-03-08 01:17:53 -0500

slycheese gravatar image

I have a USB 3 UVC camera. When attached to a USB 3 port I am able to run guvcview and the camera displays properly at all resolutions. When I run OpenCV and try to read from the camera it works fine if I set it to 640x480, but at any resolution higher than that I get back erratic images (the pixels aren't random, but the image looks like a random patchwork of what the true image should look like).

To further confuse matters, when I plug the same camera into a USB 2 port, all resolutions display perfectly fine.

I'd blame the camera, expect that it works fine with guvcview, even when attached to a USB 3 port, so it seems that there is something special about OpenCV that is not allowing it to work properly.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions/help you can offer.

Thanks, mark

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