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Are cascades the best way to detect different mouth shapes on photos?

asked 2015-03-02 09:58:25 -0500

Régis Leboeuf gravatar image


I currently need to recognize different mouth shapes on photos (thin or thick lips, big or small mouth...). For now I have trained cascades for each mouth shape with about 30 photos of mouthes each (up to 1500 positive samples created with opencv_createsamples). The results are not convincing, the cascade for thin lips detects big lips and and vice versa.

So i wonder if cascades are the good way to do what I want or do I only need more positives samples?

I will also need to recognize the shapes of other face elements like eyes, eyebrows, nose... I am totally new to this technology, so has anyone already tried to do that? And how?

Thank you, Régis.

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answered 2015-03-02 10:17:55 -0500

verified.human gravatar image

Have a look at Active Appearance Models, they are very well suited for deformations that occur in lips, eyebrows and faces in general.

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