cv.Remap (dst.size() == mapx.size()) assertion question

asked 2013-01-01 16:51:31 -0500


I am trying


src = cv.CloneImage(R)
dst = cv.CloneImage(R)

print 'src', src, 'dest', dst, '\nmapx', map_x_32, 'mapy', map_y_32, 
cv.Remap(src, dst, map_x_32, map_y_32)


and get


error                                     Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-13-361117180010> in <module>()
     23 print 'src', src, 'dest', dst, '\nmapx', map_x_32, 'mapy', map_y_32,
---> 24 cv.Remap(src, dst, map_x_32, map_y_32)

error: src.type() == dst.type() && dst.size() == mapx.size()

 src <iplimage(nChannels=1 width=640 height=480 widthStep=640 )> dest <iplimage(nChannels=1 width=640 height=480 widthStep=640 )> 
mapxy <cvmat(type=42424005 32FC1 rows=640 cols=480 step=1920 )> mapa <cvmat(type=42424005 32FC1 rows=640 cols=480 step=1920 )>


I do not understand what (dst.size() == mapx.size()) is testing (especially since the mapx object will be very different when using convertmaps output), or why the assertion should fail. Could somebody help me out?



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