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Streaming from Ximea camera in OpenCV 2.4.10

asked 2015-02-22 04:08:49 -0600

maria_otago gravatar image

According to the question here, it is possible to stream from the Ximea camera using OpenCV 2.4.10.

I installed the Ximea API and I can stream from the camera using the Ximea API, but I want to stream using OpenCV. I built OpenCV 2.4.10 and ticked the WITH_XIMEA option.

Now when I try to stream from my camera (even from my built-in web camera) using OpenCV in VS2012, I get this error: "The program can't start because "m3api.dll" is missing from your computer". Although the m3api.dll is in the Ximea API folder, but for some reason the program can't find it. If a copy the m3api.dll into the project folder, then I get the message "The program can't start because "PvAPI.dll" is missing from your computer". I can't find PvAPI.dll on my computer and I don't think that my Ximea camera needs it. Any help?

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answered 2015-02-23 04:01:37 -0600


from your description it seems that you built the OpenCV binaries with support for PvAPI (WITH_PVAPI flag) that requires the PvAPI.dll for latter use. If you are not planning to use Prosilica GigE support within your project, please rebuild the OpenCV binaries with the WITH_PVAPI flag unchecked. If you should run into any issues with XIMEA cameras please visit the XIMEA support home page where you can register and afterwards create issue tickets. Our support department will try to respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

Best Regards, Marian Zajko XIMEA R&D

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Yep, thank you. It works.

maria_otago gravatar imagemaria_otago ( 2015-02-23 22:23:10 -0600 )edit

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