Android enable OpenMP

asked 2015-02-13 16:37:48 -0600


does anyone know how to enable OPenMP for an Android project using OpenCV native code?

Here's what my log prints out:

02-14 00:23:41.938: I/OpenCV/StaticHelper(24343):     Use OpenMP:    NO

I know that OpenMP is included in NDK (usage example here: ). I've done what it says on that page but when I use: #pragma omp for on a simple for loop that scans a vector, the app crashes with "fatal signal 11".

What am I missing here? Btw I use a modified example from the samples, it's Tutorial 2 Mixed Processing. All I want is to parallelize some of the for loops and nested for loops that I have in the jni c++ file while using OpenCV.

Any help/suggestion is appreciated!


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