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Is it possible to have ALL header files referenced by OpenCV included in the standard download?

asked 2015-02-09 20:33:36 -0600

This should cover all the source files referenced by OpenCV routines. Currently many files referenced need to be supplied externally, covering extended instruction sets, Floating Point, parallel processing, TIFF file handling, among others, that are referenced when targeting the x86 and using the latest version of Visual Studio.

I have recently developed an OpenCV app on the PC (using the library) that worked well. I then tried porting that to the IoS and Android environment using the Marmalade SDK. This required compiling OpenCV source files using the GCC compiler for ARM/x86. This has proven difficult due to the large number of header files referenced by OpenCV code that need to be sourced externally when trying to debug in the x86 environment.

Hence one is forced to abandon the effort or write functions from scratch which largely defeats the purpose of using OpenCV.

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answered 2015-02-24 11:23:56 -0600

mgb gravatar image

Probably not. Firstly there would be legal issues, the headers in visual studio are Microsoft's property you can't just bundle them (it's not even legal to distribute debug versions of their standard runtime redistributes)

Then it would be a problem for people using different versions of visual studio, perhaps even different locales or languages.

The cmake system does a pretty good job of finding and building external versions of libraries like tiff.

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