libnative_camera_*.so cannot locate symbol on Samsung Galaxy S5 only

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updated 2015-02-10 13:03:09 -0500

I have a QT application using opencv and the android native camera. My app is running fine on several android devices, but NOT on my samsung galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) !

The problem happens at the call : cv::VideoCapture(CV_CAP_ANDROID); //using CV_CAP_ANY doesn't help

It tries to load several libnative_camera_r*.so librairies, but each time, it "cannot locate symbol "_ZN7android6Camera10disconnectEv" referenced by ""..."

As I said, it runs fine on other devices, so apparently, I can't find a version of libnative_camera_r*.so working for the Galaxy S5. I even tried to use the .so files provided in the opencv manager downloaded from the Play Store on my Galaxy S5, but still the exact same error.

full error message :

D/OpenCV::camera(25433): try to load library ''
D/OpenCV::camera(25433): CameraWrapperConnector::connectToLib ERROR: cannot dlopen camera wrapper library /data/app/org.qtproject.example.Andcam-2/lib/arm/, dlerror="dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "_ZN7android6Camera10disconnectEv" referenced by ""..."
E/OpenCV::camera(25433): CameraWrapperConnector::connectToLib ERROR: cannot dlopen camera wrapper library
E/OpenCV::camera(25433): Native_camera returned opening error: 4

And the same message appears for each libnative_camera_r*.so file in my android/libs/armeabi-v7a folder.

I have searched and searched but didn't find anything that could help me for my particular problem, so I'm asking here, can anyone help me ?

Thanks !

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