bounding rectangle for haar cascades [closed]

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hello, sorry if this is a dumb question but for making cascades you must use positive images. i plan to use our own images, of an animal for an animal identification software, and according to the cascade tutorial (middle of the page), i must make a file that lists where the positive object is in the image. it says to label the x,y coordinates as well as the height and width of a bounding rectangle. i dont understand how i would get all those parameters manually and the tutorial doesn't seem to mention it either.

also, any advice on how i would get all those parameters as quickly as possible? thank you in advance.

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By dowloading the annotation tool I submitted as a PR! This is the most time consuming step for efficiently training classifiers, but it is worth the hassle in the end!

StevenPuttemans gravatar imageStevenPuttemans ( 2015-01-30 08:15:28 -0600 )edit

When I needed positive samples I drew a rectangle on my video feed and then just hit the space bar when my target was 'centered', saving the interior of the rectangle as a positive image sample. If you can capture your positives with video, then this is a decent solution, otherwise a tailored tool like Steven suggests is the way to go.

Der Luftmensch gravatar imageDer Luftmensch ( 2015-01-30 22:04:11 -0600 )edit

thank you Steven and Der, i will be using the annotation tool more than likely.

habahnow gravatar imagehabahnow ( 2015-02-03 21:33:41 -0600 )edit