As I can detect gestures with opencv

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Dear appreciate anyone who can help me how to detect gestures in a video, as mestras there on youtube where users pose in front of the camera and this shows the percentage of the gesture detected, whether the issue was resolved in some other post asking the apology for the double post, but as I mentioned above can help me with the issue maybe some code base where this action is performed.

thank you very much

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There are a little ' guides on the internet on this to begin.... for example .... when you detect motion on video, you can get a contour .... from a contour you can get a form (circle, rectangle, polygon) .... You can count the corners of contours or compare it with your list of forms .... and you can get your gestures detected!!

gfx gravatar imagegfx ( 2015-01-18 07:33:34 -0500 )edit