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Mingw32 & Qt builds of OpenCV?

asked 2015-01-08 13:14:30 -0600

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After being mired down in details of re-building OpenCV for Windows 7, my head is still "in the weeds", so I need to ask what are likely dumb questions to regain my bearings:

I have rebuilt OpenCV with MinGW32. But what exactly have I built: Win32 libraries?

If I now install the QT development environment, does it come with MinGW32 and do I need to re-build OpenCV with that development tool? If so, again, what am I building; something different from what I build before I installed QT?

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answered 2015-01-09 03:27:52 -0600

No what you build are mingw specific 32bit libraries of OpenCV using the mingw compiler for the windows environment. That means that you can now use every single IDE on windows out there that allows you to select the mingw compiler for building your sourcecode. In that IDE you need to link the MingW32 libs and dlls.

However if you want to go to the QT environment, you could include these builds, BUT it is so that OpenCV has extra options on its windows once you build opencv with QT support. So if you do not need those extra options then you are just fine, if you do need them, then rebuilding is the only way to go.

Building OpenCV on windows is the reason I switched to Linux for OpenCV development, much less problems for building :D

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