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best development platform

asked 2015-01-07 22:53:57 -0600

louarnold gravatar image

What is the best development platform and tools to create standalone CV applications (that don't need an IDE to run in)?

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answered 2015-01-08 07:18:26 -0600

updated 2015-01-08 07:19:11 -0600

If you do not want IDE to run, You can use gcc, cmake and make. It is explained in documentation. I use this method. Works fine. I like it, Because it's simpler to understand than other ways for me. You can use any editor you like. I use both vim and sublime on Linux.

Of course as you may know, OpenCV serves python, Java, C# and other. If you use python, then you do not need compiler, Just python and editor :) If you use IDE, It would be more pleasant and more easy to code.

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