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opencv android sdk ini source code available,and where can I get it?

asked 2015-01-06 20:56:02 -0500

I hava get opencv android sdk java code ,but can't find any jni code such as those(from

// C++: Mat::Mat()
private static native long n_Mat();

// C++: Mat::Mat(int rows, int cols, int type)
private static native long n_Mat(int rows, int cols, int type);

// C++: Mat::Mat(Size size, int type)
private static native long n_Mat(double size_width, double size_height, int type);

So I wanna to know is those native code available ,where to get?

Thanks !

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answered 2015-01-11 09:28:23 -0500

Once you extraced the OpenCV Android SDK, you will find the source code here: OpenCV-2.4.8-android-sdk ▸ sdk ▸ native ▸ jni ▸ include ▸ opencv2

For mat.hpp you will find it in the 'core' folder from opencv2. Cheers!

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