superresolution performance

asked 2015-01-04 12:46:49 -0600

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Hi I am trying out the superresolution samples on a simple input video (1280x720, 23.14 fps) with a duration of only 1 second and it is taking an excruciating amount of time to process (on the scale of minutes, instead of seconds) I changed the number of iterations down to 1 (instead of the default 180) which resulted in a somewhat better performance but still on the scale of minutes.

I had not compiled opencv for CUDA or OCL but I do not expect the net gain to be of such that the whole thing runs in seconds.

Question to those with experience with superresolution: Is this the expected behavior? If so perhaps it should be added to the documentation? If a much faster performance is expected, could you kindly provide with some hints?

best regards

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