How to achieve performance for background subtration using MOG2 api in opencv2.4.3

asked 2012-12-15 03:37:18 -0500

sam18 gravatar image

Hello there,

I am testing the Mixture Of Gaussian algorithm using opencv2.4.3. I am specially interestedi in shadow removal from the motion videos. MOG2 api has a parameter for shadow detection. When I implemented MOG2's sample. I am not getting the 100% accuracy. I tried changing fTau parameter also but its still detecting shadow. Another issue is when I am testing this implementation I am getting very poor performance. For 640 X 480 camera, I am getting around 3 to 5 fps.

I have tested gaussian in older version of opencv (2.1.0). This version is giving me acceptable performance. For 640 X 480, I am getting upto 30 fps.

Please give me the direction on how to achieve better performance and shaodw detection accuracy for gaussian method for background subtraction?

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