Using HOGDescriptor's setSVMDetector functionality with an input array

asked 2014-12-04 19:48:28 -0500

kislo gravatar image

I am having some trouble with the HOGDescriptor.setSVMDetector functionality in OpenCV4Android.

Android requires a passed Mat() for the HOGDescriptor.setSVMDetector() method. Note that this differs from the C++ specification, where the function is declared as setSVMDetector(const vector<float>& detector). The question is how to input a linear SVM model in - that is, how do you turn an array of floating point values into an OpenCV4Android Mat such that a HOGDescriptor object will accept it as input to the setSVMDetector method?

I have tried analyzing the output of HOGDescriptor.getDefaultPeopleDetector(). This gives a Mat with 3781 rows, 1 column, and type CV_32F. When recreating this, and for that matter when trying any variation (e.g. transposition, 1x1 Mat with a single array entry, etc), the output is:

error: checkDetectorSize() in function virtual void cv::HOGDescriptor::setSVMDetector(cv::InputArray)

Any advice on how to set up an SVM detector this way in Android would be hugely appreciated!

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