Discrepancies between MS Paint, Matlab and OpenCV when decoding a jpeg file

asked 2014-12-03 10:00:41 -0500


I have stumbled upon a quite disturbing issue while trying to compare my algorithm with a standard Matlab algorithm. The problem is that when reading my input image which is a jpeg image, I don't have the same data. The data are not very different, but they differ enough so that it is measurable.

Here is the image I am using : http://imgur.com/QwGMsgl

I am reading it using cv::imread with the latest master commit on git.

The 4th pixel of the 1st row is : - (114,84,170) for Matlab or MS Paint - (116,83,170) for OpenCV

Do you have an idea how I could check who is right and who is wrong here, and a pointer as to where I can correct it if OpenCV is at fault ?

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