Open Cv works only in debug mode- Android

asked 2014-12-01 01:01:46 -0500

prasanna aarthi gravatar image

I am having a Google glass app that uses open CV for image processing.The app works fine when connected to Eclipse through USB. When I remove the USB and run the app on the glass, open CV does not seem to load.I get a blank screen, the app does not crash either(I have added crash reports to my app, I dont get any logs).Once I plug in the USB again, open CV loads and I get the output from where I had left the app.

Here is my project properties

target=Google Inc.:Glass Development Kit Preview:19 android.library.reference.1=../../../../OpenCV-

=image description

I am completely clueless of why this is happening.Also I am not able to debug it since it works fine when connected through USB to Eclipse.

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