OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (!empty()) in detectMultiScale

asked 2014-11-18 12:27:23 -0600

Pradeep C gravatar image

Hi, I'm trying to use my own trained cascade, when i execute the code in Xcode, i get the below error

OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (!empty()) in detectMultiScale, file /Users/vp/work/opencv/modules/objdetect/src/cascadedetect.cpp, line 1578 libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type cv::Exception: /Users/vp/work/opencv/modules/objdetect/src/cascadedetect.cpp:1578: error: (-215) !empty() in function detectMultiScale

What could be the issue ?

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same error here, trying to execute the example tutorial from:

jla gravatar imagejla ( 2015-01-05 04:42:37 -0600 )edit