How to capture and record the coordinates of a grid

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OpenCV How to capture and record the coordinates of a grid


I’m a newby interested in learning how to use opencv and python programming

I’m trying to learn how to capture the coordinates (x and y points) of the intersections of a grid of vertical and horizontal lines drawing in a picture and then store those coordinates in a text file for use by another program

Outline of Logic;- import cv2 import numpy as np

) Read-in the picture to an image im = cv2.imread ('grid1.jpg')

( the picture can be a simple grid of black lines on a white background, so it may not be necessary to process it to clarify the lines)

) Scan the image find the lines ??

) Identify, or calculate the coordinates where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect ??

) Write the coordinate of each intersection, one at a time into a list ??

) Write that list to a text file np.savetxt('output_file', list)

Can someone show some python code that would do that ? I’ve started to read about some of the standard opencv library methods, such as

I’ve read the information about SimpleBlobDetector and FeatureDetector¶ provided at

and about moments at

python-opencv, finding centroid of an image


but that information is beyond me at the moment ( and some of it is for C++, not for someone learning Python )

My environment setting are;- I’m using;- Windows 7 Visual Studio 2013 express for Windows Desktop Anaconda Python 2.7

I think that the answer to this simple question would be useful to many newbies trying to get started with opencv.

Many Thanks for your help !

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