asked 2014-11-16 21:57:04 -0500

When using opencv compiled with QT support (trying to use the control panel), all my images (webcam captures) get expanded to fit the size of the window itself. Using CV_WINDOW_KEEP_RATIO does not seem to help. Initially, the images appear at the correct aspect ratio (that of my webcam) but once I mouse-over them they expand to fit the window. I've checked (with getWindowProperty) that CV_WINDOW_KEEP_RATIO does not somehow get set to FREE_RATIO.

I'm using Arch Linux, 64-bit, opencv 2.4.10, compiled it by myself as the distro version does not have qt support compiled in (probably to avoid the dependency). Using a tiling window manager as well which automatically resizes the windows into a grid layout.

For what it's worth, WINDOW_AUTOSIZE 'solves' the problem but as I'm using a lot of windows this just makes dealing with them unwieldy.

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